Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kim Kardashian Wears the Most Unflattering Dress why


Maybe Kim Kardashian should stop taking style tips from beau, Kanye West

The pair was spotted attending the production of "Fela!" in New York Monday night … and neither one of the fashion designers were showing a very good sense of style. 

Kanye sported a backwards cap, black muscle tank and black leather pants and Kim wore a dark green sleeveless dress hemmed to the knees. 

The olive green dress is especially unflattering where the line is stitched across her hips (a curvy gals’ nightmare). 

And Kim, boots again … in the summer! Really? Rule of thumb ladies, those with shorter legs should stay clear of shoes that cut off at the ankles -- they make your legs seem even shorter than they really are!  

This isn’t the first fashion faux pas we’ve seen on the 31-year-old, ever since since she’s hooked up with the rapper Kim’s wore some serious fashion flops … and this is by far the worst look we’ve seen on the reality starlet yet! 

While she’s known for showing off her “assets” – this curve-hugging couture does nothing for Kim K’s shape. 

In regards to her not so flattering figure we have to ask … blame the dress or blame the relationship?