Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Exceptional Ways To Dominate Google Homepage With Less Efforts

Well, maybe you were misled. There is nothing as distracting as a wrong advice. I’ve been optimizing web pages since I registered my first blog in 2007. I don’t think it’s hard to rank on Google’s top 10; all it takes is a different way of thinking. A new approach to the usual status quo and the desire to meet compelling needs of your target audience.
Do you have passion for what you do? Get ready for an influx of targeted organic traffic, as I share the 5 exceptional ways to dominate Google starting today. Every strategy presented here is proven to work for you, but don’t fold you arms and expect a miracle.

5 Exceptional Ways To Dominate Google Homepage With Less Efforts

1. Think Like A Customer
The first way you can easily dominate Google homepage is to think like a customer. Who is he? He’s someone who requires a solution to a problem. These people have thoughts going through their minds, and before they actually come to any search engine to type in some key terms, they already know what they want.
When you think like a customer, the odds of pinpointing the actual ingredients used by web searches are enhanced. For a moment, take your minds off your blog and consider yourself a web shopper.
Let’s assume you’re looking to buy the latest kindle fire device, I’m sure you want it affordable and easy to get. Let this idea of positioning help dictate your blog posts, articles and guest posts, it’s very powerful.

2. Search Engine Is A Script
Do you obey those keyword density rules? Well, I don’t know who formulated that but I don’t even care if I overuse or underuse keywords.
My aim is to write as natural as possible. When it’s convenient to add key terms, don’t hesitate to do so. That single pat on your shoulder that tells you to add a keyword isn’t ordinary; it’s the real current that flows in the minds of your audience. They would like your content because you didn’t stuff, it came naturally.
Search engine is a script; you can’t possibly please a script that has no conscience, ideas or compassion. It’s the people behind those key terms that matters. If you’re selling a product or service, why waste time optimizing for the web when you can easily leverage on the people? I admonish you to re-adjust your SEO thoughts today and become Google friendly.
3. Google Follows Her Users Like Shadow
Yes, you heard me right. Google search engine is like a blind man that requires an aid. I often hear people complain that their website isn’t getting much organic traffic. My question is this: did people read your content?
If you weigh this in a scale, you need to understand that what really matters online isn’t the search engines. Although, it’s vital and a part of our marketing resources, but they don’t count in our long term success.
Google and other search engines follow her users like shadow. Have you ever left your shadow at home? That’s impossible (it could be possible if you aren’t human) Lol!
Here’s the Bottom-Line:If you want Google to respect your content and place your web pages in their homepage, channel all your generosity on your audience. Once the people are happy with your contents, Google would have no option or alternative than to reward you heavily.
4. Aim For Quality, Relevant Backlinks
I wouldn’t miss out on link building. According to Brian Clark, links are the currency of the web. If you’ve a bunch of it, you may as well write your own pay check. But that’s not all; all links are not created equal. Here’s a Shocker: Getting high PR links are good but there is a much better alternative. If you must build links to your blog or website, ensure it is relevant. What does it mean?
If your blog is about search engine optimization, the best links you could get are from similar blogs and web portals that treats the same subject. Yes, these relevant blog might not be PR 5 or PR8, but it counts so much in Google’s eye.
Are you enticed by link exchangers and unscrupulous content farms, please don’t consent. Relax your mind and take the right baby steps every day. Build links that matters and you would enjoy doing business online.
Caution:If you’ve the opportunity to build backlinks from a PR8 site that’s relevant, don’t look back my dear. Go right ahead and reap greater dividends.
5. Think “Social” Not Selling
Your thoughts and actions everyday would determine your achievements in life. When marketing online, especially with search engines take your mind off ‘selling’ and focus on being “sociable.”
We’ve been myopic on our views about social networking sites. We only classify Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, Digg, etc as the web 2.0 sites. Google and other search engines are also inclusive. Why?
It’s because you can edit your contents without the support of the admin. E.g. Google adwords, Blogger etc.
Building strong bonds with your target audience keeps you afloat no matter the competition. Don’t try to sell to that prospective stranger yet, get to know them and let this attitude reflect in your articles and blog posts. The web can be categorized into two groups: email and social. And they’re interwoven to yield huge ROI for your business.
Write to connect with people who have problems in their life. Let your recommendations be the light in their darkness and Google would perceive these kind gestures.
I love Google for one thing; they’ll never betray or treat you like a fool when you please her users. Trust me; I know what I’m saying.
Marketing Juice
I think this post sounds controversial in a way, but that’s the beauty of doing business online. We need to change the way things are if tremendous success is to be attained. I don’t know what your reactions would be, but I’m waiting for that kick in my ass.

Office of ICQ in Tel Aviv — Israel

 Another tour of the office, Last time visit Facebook office. At this time look at the visit of ICQ. This is the main office building by ICQ in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is situated on the streets of Kiryat Atidim and is here for like 10 years. But to say that the communication company owns the whole building - which means to lie. This is a small business center, where the company takes the last fourth floor. Harel Information Technologies. In the same building are the offices of two companies aytishnyh - IBM and Harel Information Technologies. 30 more images after the break...

 Near the business center is a corporate parking lot - most employees get to work on four wheels. When you enter the office you will meet the smiling girl retseptsionistka. All office space is decorated with beads in the form of a company logo. Logo itself here can be found everywhere: on walls, on tables, on the carpet, on the posters.
 Here, as in most businesses today, considerable attention is paid to team unity. Chip design from the category "konnekting People" is a ribbon with the names in different languages, which runs from the ceiling around the perimeter of the entire office (generalizing word - Everybody). All office space ICQ is divided into two types of jobs - small private office and openspeysy, separated by a partition.

G Venkatram 2012 Calendar

Indian famous and celebrity Photographer G Venkatram 2012 south actress calendar images gallery. Samantha,Genelia D'Souza,Trisha,Richa Gangopadhyay,Shriya Saran,Sameera Reddy,Priya Anand,Deeksha Seth,Amy Louise Jackson,Amala Paul,Mamta Mohandas,Kajal Agarwal.G Venkatrams 2012 Calendar Exclusive Photo Shoot for New year 2012 Calendars 23 more images after the break...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Inspirational Product Photography

 Nothing is good or bad it’s the photography that makes it so Sorry to alter the proverb a bit small according to my Product Photography.
Here are some very professionally captured images by the professional photographer Alex Koloskov of diverse products.
Product photography involves very wide knowledge of light, camera, photography and no doubt an imaginative and creative mind too. When these all things combines then these piece of art born. Let us have a look on this fantastic photography.