Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hong Kong: Tsim Sha Tsui ... What To Offer?

Hong Kong is not as big as CHINA! LOL! But you can't stroll the whole of Hong Kong for one day.

I chose (since I'm the tour guide) TST (short for Tsim Sha Tsui) because its more convenient for a tourist than any places in Hong Kong, though I really like to stay in Causeway Bay.

Tsim Sha Tsui has a lot to offer for tourist; shopping, food trip, cultural exploration, and photo ops.

Most famous spots in TST for tourist:

Avenue of the Stars (AOS) -- a Hollywood walk of fame - esque, where you can find the stars of Hong Kong celebrities (e.g. Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Chow Yung Fat, and others).

Located along Victoria Harbour waterfront. If you're coming from Nathan Road, take the Haiphong Road to Canton Road then left turn at the corner of Haiphong and Canton. Walk towards Canton Road, once you reach Marco Polo Hotel and see the Clock tower, then you almost reach your destination.

Symphony of Lights (SOL) -- a synchronized presentation of lights from 44 buildings across Victoria Harbour waterfront accompanied by music. The show starts at 8:00 PM (evening) in good weather.

Silvercord -- this is where you'll find shops like H&M and I.T., you can also find the famous Taiwanese restaurant Din Tai Fung here and more affordable in Food Republic.

Food Republic


Hainanese Chicken Rice

Located at the corner of Haiphong Road and Canton Road.

Harbour City -- this is where you'll find high-end and luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, etc.

Located along Canton Road.

Mirador Mansion -- this is where you'll find the "money changer"of Hong Kong, Wing Hoi, the best foreign exchange rate in the ♥ of TST. You can also find the cheapest souvenirs inside this building.

Located along Nathan Road, 13th or 14th stop from airport if taking a bus A/N21.

Heritage 1881 -- one of the best site for photo ops and this where you'll find luxury brands for jewelry.

Ad Campaign: Bench Body Present: Ball Players...

EDSA is known in the Philippine as the traffic capital of Metro Manila and a killer road.

Recently BENCH, one of the Philippine leading local brand dominates twitter because of their very hazardous billboards.

Note: Please avoid passing to EDSA Guadalupe if you don't want to die or stuck in traffic because of these pictures.

And here it is...

Warning: Staring to the following pictures is dangerous to your health, but.....ENJOY!!

EDSA Guadalupe, in front of Pasig River and behind it is our office building

The Philippine Volcanoes

Along EDSA again, in between Guadalupe and Estrella
The Azkals' Aly Borromeo

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shopping: ZARA End of Season Sale

This is the secret I have to tell...

Are you ready?

From June 30, 2011 (from my source), the sale of the season we all been waiting for....

Siraan na ng buhay?!

ZARA's end of season sale!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hong Kong: Lin Heung Tea House = Legend!

Who doesn’t like to eat? Even anorexic loves to eat! If you’re going to Hong Kong don’t miss to dine in Lin Heung Tea House. A very old restaurant, serves authentic dim sum (from siomai to siopao..and I don't know the rest) and I must say this… The food… DELICIOUS!!!

After I dropped my friends in Admiralty to catch the bus 629 to Ocean Park, I rode the train to Sheung Wan from Admiralty.

Then take the E2 exit and follow where my feet go… LOL!

And Voila…. It took me 20 minutes to locate this tea house… But look what I eat!

Warning: This is not a fine dining place, where a crew will greet you and assist you to find the most comfortable table in the room. This is not your typical restaurant where utensils (e.g. chopsticks, spoon, and fork) are arranged. Last is...This is not for Drama Queens and Kings.

This is what you’ll see once you go upstairs….

Sharing table is typical in this kind of restaurant… don’t be shy to sit if you’ll find a vacant chairs. Once you’re comfortable, a crew of the house will prepare your chopstick, spoon, cups, and tea for you to use.

Once you have in front all necessary things, you have to wash the utensils and cup using the tea in a pot (this tea also serve as your drink). The staff will give you a card with numbers, this card serves as your order and the push cart ladies will stamp the card every time you pick a food in the cart. To order a food, as I’ve said above no waiter to serve you the food you want, but you have to go and choose your food from the push card ladies. Be prepared because you have to fight for your food. Not all Hong Kongers are rude, people who I shared table with were nice.

When you're finish and decided to leave the place, go to the cashier near the stairs with your card and pay there… guess what how much all the food I eat cost? HK$85!!

Lin Heung Tea House
Wellington Street, Central
Hong Kong