Friday, April 29, 2011

ZOMG: Thank God She Wore McQueen!

Well... everything went well yesterday...

The entire universe...even mother earth watched the royal wedding.. Prince William and former commoner Kate Middleton (and now officially declared, the royal highness Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), except me because I was too busy invading Forever21's sale (because looking at Prince William bald hair is too depressing..I might end up spending a lot on shopping...hehehe).

Of course the only thing I'm interested to the royal wedding is who The Royal Highness Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wear?

Well, I was right... she wore a very stunning, perfect, beautiful... GORGEOUS!! 

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen design!

Oh... and she wore another Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen ensemble at the wedding reception.

Photo from WWD

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Model: Still Brazilians are Gods!

Whenever I see and hear the word "BRAZIL" it always ping to my small brain that it is equal to Gorgeous man, undoubtedly, Brazil is the heaven of gorgeous guys and gals on the planet physically... while haven't proven scientifically why God showered gorgeousness to Brazil... 

I'll list Brazil's top 10 hottest and uber/hard working male model on the planet... Although Filipino invader Brazilians are not on my list..but hey they still gorgeous...hehehe

And my travel wish list World Cup 2014 in Brazil!

Jean Carlos, latest ad campaign: DSquared

Marlon Teixeira, latest ad campaign Diesel fragrance

Caio Cesar

Max Motta, latest ad campaign Tom For fragrance (Hot)

Mateus Verdelho, latest ad campaign Butch underwear

Francisco Lachowski, latest ad campaign Armani Exchange

Arthur Sales, latest ad campaign Reserved

Diego Miguel, latest ad campaign CK underwear

Evandro Soldati, latest ad campaign Guess by Marciano

Murilo Rezende

Monday, April 25, 2011

ZOMG: Personalized Starbucks Frappuccino... Go Fetch Now!

Well rejoice all Filipino fans of Starbucks Frappuccino in the Philippines...


Go fetch now... and start to create your own frap!

Sale: Forever 21..Siraan ng Wallet

Siraan ng wallet itech...  Filipino fans of Forever 21... 


Reason Why I'm So Not Interested...To William & Kate Wedding

Reason why I'm not interested to William & Kate - esque.. because I don't like guys with bald hair.. 

Even you're the richest guy on earth or a prince from the most famous royal family in the entire universe and you have a bald hair...its a big NO NO!

Well, honestly..before, I dream to be her girlfriend or do a one night stand with him because he look so hot...


Now...all gone...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fashion Tip: Do's and Don'ts for Summer

Summer is officially ON! and how to look chic and gorgeous for this season and let us not to forget the DON'Ts...

Photo from Birkenstock

The worst: Birkenstock... while flip flops and Birkenstock are good for summer... still these footwear are best only for beach and going to wet markets.. 

Photos from Google
The best: Espadrilles... this shoe is comfy and will add you chicness to your look-book any day... while there are tons of brand flocking n the market today... Hermes won my heart.

Photo from fashionndie

The worst: Puka shell necklace... I know you're in the beach and pukas are everywhere... but not physically to your body..ewww

Photo from Alexander McQueen

The best: Statement jewelry... this will make you stand-out from know why! hahahahaha

Like ---> Alexander McQueen Skull ring

Photo from US TV series Ugly Betty

The worst: Ponchos... of course we don't want to be physically all burn out while soaking under the sun... but wearing ponchos? hmmm

Unless Ugly Betty is your idol.. hehehe

Photo from Google

The best: Capes... cape is more stylist than ponchos and roomy to strut your arms while walking on the beach shore.

Like --> Alexander McQueen

Don't while on the street..
Although this last reminder is not the worst but wearing board short is not  good or advisable on the street... A suit short is recommended...or anything not related to beach! OK?

Jil Sander's suit short

Kanye Rocks Celine @ Coachella

Everybody went to Coachella last Sunday (except me..I watched it via online streaming)... where hipsters did their thingy and watched dozens of awesomely great artist on the planet....

But one thing stand out!! Of course my favorite...Kanye West (Oh please Philippine concert organizers... please bring kanye here!!!)... while closing the festival... fashionistas who watched the event saw what Kanye wear... a woman's top from Celine 2011 Spring/Summer collection... well of course.. to look not like a girl, he added bling-bling and half opened instead of buttoned up.

Celine 2011 S/S (Photo from Elle UK)

Kanye West @ Coachella (Photo from Elle UK)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cover: Lady Gaga Doing Her Thing On Harper's May Issue

She's the hottest pop star to date... and hottest magazine's pin-up girl/cover girl... Lady Gaga's latest magazine cover is Harper's Bazaar May issue.

Shot by Terry Richardson and style by stylist Nicola Formechetti aka Mugler's creative director... Wearing creation from Mugler, Versace, Dior, and McQueen.

Photos from harpers bazaar

Met's Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Catalog

I recently blogged about the exhibit for the Late Alexander McQueen and post some fabulous photos of his creation.

And now, I just recently found out that the catalog for Met's Alexander McQueen:Savage Beauty is out. The 250 pages includes photos of his creation and quotes from Lee and some people from the fashion industry including Sarah Burton, the successor of the late designer to his empire.

Photos you're about to see are insanely mind blowing GORGEOUS!!! 

Photos from fashionindie