Thursday, March 31, 2011

Summer Look #1

BOLD... BRIGHT... CHIC... for summer season.

As long as you have confidence wearing these type of It palettes of the season.

Love to have this look for the summer from Zara.

Plush Blazer - Php 3,790
Colored Shirt - Php 895

Chino Trouser - Php 2,490
Brogues - Php 4,790

Paper Hat - Php 995

*All prices are in Philippine pesos. 

For more info on prices and store near your country, visit ZARA site.

Photos and Prices: Zara

Abercrombie & Fitch + Gap + American Eagle Outfitter in Hong Kong

Have I said before how I really really truly madly ♥ HONG KONG?!....

Another reason why I so madly deeply ♥ Hong Kong....

I just recently read from Butterboom that American brand Abercrombie & Fitch will replace Shanghai Tang's 6,300 square ft. store in Central!


And another news I found out that GAP will open their flagship store in Hong Kong in third quarter of this year.

And recently, American Eagle Outfitter opened their first flagship store in Harbour City, Hong Kong!!

Source: Butterboom

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday Wish List... YAY!

Only three days left before I turn 27...oh my gosh...
I am happy because my special day is finally coming but afraid my age will increase again... 
I am not afraid of getting old and have lines except for the AGE!!!!!.

Everyone have the right to have wish list on their birthday... either it will come true or not...

This year I really really want to have:

iPhone 4

Cellphone (not necessity for me) --

Although I can afford to buy a new iPhone but because of my hectic travel schedule, I won't buy one. So I wish to have a temporary cellphone just to communicate with friends and colleagues if they needed me...noh? Most of the times they do! LOL

Update: I have it already..YAY!

Medium size shirts --

Zara Shirt

Because I lost weight and all my XL shirts doesn't fit me anymore... I need medium shirts...
(You know my criteria...LOL)

Chocolate --

Royce NAMA Chocolate (Photo from google)

Godiva Chocolates (Photo from google)

I eat chocolate but I am not a fan except with almonds, white, or dark chocolate and since its my special day what more to wish to have... my favorite chocolate brands..ROYCE specifically a white NAMA chocolate and Godiva...YUM!

Marc Jacobs items

As you may know now, I am a big fan of Marc Jacobs and anything as long as its from Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs...I'll accept it.

Dove products --

I love pampering my skin till its as soft as cotton and what products gives me that?... Of course DOVE... I ♥ Dove and for now I'm using their products for guys.

Perfume --

Right now, I love the scent of Acca Kappa's perfume line. Perfect for summer and to Philippines weather/season.

Thanks in advance!

Promo: Pepper Lunch x Flip Cam

Pepper Lunch + Flip Cam = Exciting Summer!

If we're heading to beach this summer season and splurge our self to water... don't we want proof how we love to soak our self to water?

This summer Pepper Lunch have exciting promo to all current and soon-to-be Pepper Lunch addicts.

They're giving away 8 Flip cam with waterproof casing.
Promo: April 1-30, 2011

Here is the mechanics:

For more here 

Photo: Pepper Lunch Phil

Congratulations!! Betchai and Jr.

Last Saturday, March 26, 2010, I was part of the wedding of the year... hehehe
It was my dearly beloved super friend's wedding day! Beth and Jr.

I am so proud to my uber friend (Bride) that she committed so much time preparing her day and turned out to be a wonderful wedding of the year. Although it was one year to make, but all the hard work paid off last Saturday.

She's one of the most nicest person I ever met and he's one of the most coolest person I ever bonded with.
She's one of the most beautiful lady in the entire universe (after my mom)... And he's one of the most charming person in the entire world.

To Betchai & Jr..... Congratulations!

A never ending story.. never ending love... never ending happiness... never ending kiligan...


Photos: Mad Minds Photography

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ann Ward's VOGUE Italia Spread-ish

Remember Ann Ward, winner of ANTM (Americas Next Top Model) Cycle 15  whiich Tyra and ALT (Andre Leon Talley) promise her to have a spread on VOGUE Italia? Well here she is now...

All she need now is to walk to power house labels and do ad campaigns.

Shot by Ellen Von Unwerth

Photos from fashionindie

VOGUE April 2011 issue...DOOMS Day!

Dear Anna Wintour,

Please tell me if you need someone to do a cover on your magazine, I'll do it without fee because the latest issue featuring Rihanna is so depressing to look at.

xOXo.. Gorgeous

Shot by Annie Leibovitz.

Photos from VOGUE April 2011

Looking GORGEOUS While Fencing!

How to look glamorous while fencing?

Via Alexander McQueen ensemble.

Mia via Alexander McQueen

Latest issue of W magazine features the stars of Jane Eye, Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) and Michael Fassbender.

Mia wearing creation from Balenciaga, Ricci, and one thing for sure your jaw will drop when you see Sarah Burton for McQueen's Spring 2011 creation.

Photos from W Mag

Fashion Tip: Summer Accessory - Cat Eye Sunglasses..

Summer is just in and too much sun exposure of our eyes, we definitely need protection. For Spring/Summer 2011 collections to some major power house brands, cat-eye sunglasses are everywhere as their accessory.

Photo from Google

I managed to have this type of sunglasses, although it's cheap but still look gorgeous because if you happened to be a prone to losing or breaking your sunglasses well affordable ones suits on you (e.g. Mango, Zara, Topshop, Aldo, etc).

Friday, March 11, 2011

ZOMG! Perfect Head-Piece!

Alexander McQueen's Fall 2011 show was amazing and so the BARRETTE!

For some people don't know barrette.. the other name is hair pin.

Photo from nymag

Cheap but gorgeous!

More Blake Lively x Chanel Ad Campaign

Here are some additional photos of Blake Lively's ad campaign for Chanel + Kaiser Karl and behind the scene shots.

Behind the scene shots:

Photos: NYMag

Fashion Tip: Uber Short For Summer?

Summer in the Philippines starts on the month of March and over the past days we're feeling the vibes of hot and humid season in my beloved country.

And so I thought, what could be the perfect wardrobe for summer 2011 for men? Then I remembered that Stefano Pilati's Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Michael Kors, and Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2011 menswear collections were amazing and every piece in that collection are perfect for summer.

Lanvin Spring 2011
YSL Spring 2011
Lanvin Spring 2011

Michael Kors Spring 2011
Lanvin Spring 2011
Raf Simons Spring 2011

Or would you go uber shorts? ..Which I adore!

YSL Spring 2011
Raf Simons Spring 2011
Raf Simons Spring 2011
Raf Simons Spring 2011
Lanvin Spring 2011
YSL Spring 2011 ♥

PS: Just don't forget to put moisturizer OK?