Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vivienne Westwood+Chivas Regal=OPA!

Get drunk in style? Then British bad-ass and forever living Vivienne Westwood design a limited edition bottle for Chivas Regal.


Mrs Marc Jacobs! LOL

Goshness...Meet Mrs Marc Jacobs....

Marc Jacobs posed for Industrie Magazine and whoa!!! LEGS....

Source: fashionindie

Bodega Sale!

For Mommies out there!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ten's Gorgeous Day!

I rarely eat huge fish alone! Last Sunday, a friend of mine celebrated her gorgeous day with me, I thought we'll just stroll around Mall of Asia and visit DermClinic...but wait!... We ate our lunch in Fish and Co....

New York Fish & Chips

Thank you dear and Happy Birthday Ten!

Monday, November 8, 2010

HMG + Chuvaness = Gorgeous To The Highest Level!

If Grace Coddington is my huge idol when it comes to international fashion... for local scene there are few names I really look-up to... but only one name I really adore... Ms Cecile Zamora-Van Straten aka Chuvaness!

Last year, she launched her first line with Bleach Catastrophe, Heather Miss Grey and it was a huge success... so this year she'll be launching again her second HMG line for the brand.

My favorite look: Julia Restoin-Roitfeld..ikaw ba itech?

My second fab!

What: HMG Line II
Where: Bleach Catastrophe, Greenbelt 5, Makati City
When: November 12, 2010*

* November 13 -- available for the public. 

Models: Maxene Magalona, Hayden Kho, and Lance Howard
Photographed: Jujiin Samonte
Stylist: Melvin Mojica and Chuvaness
Makeup: Edison Ong
Hair: Bern Rodil

Bleach Catastrophe: Greenbelt 5 and Trinoma

Source: Chuvaness

Why I ♥ SOM's Noodle House

I love Thai food except the spicy stuff although Thai cuisine is everything about spicy! I found SOM's Noodle House, serves super affordable Authentic Thai cuisine from my friend La-La (thank you). Ever since I ate my first meal in Som's, I try every month to dine there with or without friends...yeah I eat alone!

So here are my favorites from SOM's!

Red Tom Yam Soup -- Super spicy...!

Thai Tea... but i still ♥ Crustasia's version

Bagoong Rice

Pad Thai

Of Course! Chicken Pandan

Red Curry Fried Rice
Sticky rice with Mango
SOM's Noodle House
1st branch:
5921 A. Alger St. Poblacion, Makati City
(Near Power Plant Mall and ADMU-Makati)
2nd branch:
in front of Mandaluyong City Hall (Circle)

Photos: Google

De-stressed: Boracay 2010

Shot by Samurai Master JC

I had the best long weekends, second to my Hong Kong trip last June of 2010. I took a long four days and three nights vacation in Boracay, Philippines. I've been to Boracay, Aklan gazillion times (Aklan is my mother's hometown), but with stress from work, I need a long trip... away from work related stuff. I planned the trip with my super friends, although one friend who is supposed to joined us backed out (work related). I booked our tickets when Cebu Pacific (#1 budget airline in the Philippines...KUNO!) they had a super uber cheap promo, for three persons... it cost us a round trip airplane ticket of Php 150 + Php 100 (check-in baggage) each. We stayed in Taj Guesthouse, for three nights, it cost us Php. 2,000 per night but I told to my friends that our stay cost Php 1,000, the last night was my treat for them...SURPRISE!!.

Two of my friends and I took the Cebu Pacific flight to Caticlan. If you have gadget which can access WIFI (wireless internet), you'll never get bored in Caticlan Jetty Port because the whole port has free WIFI access. If you're in a tight budget, affordable place to eat in Boracay are scattered in the island: Andoks, Mang Inasal, and Hawaiian BBQ. If you have lots of money to splurge on food, a few good restaurants can be found: Cyma (Greek cuisine), Aria (Itallian cuisine), Dos Mestizos (Filipino/Spanish cuisine), MaƱana (Mexican cuisine), and Hama (Japanese cuisine). If you want affordable place to stay, there are so many resorts and hotels scattered in the island, but I suggest Taj Guesthouse...why? Near D'mall! But if you have $$$ then stay in Boracay Regency, Discovery Shores, Two Seasons, and Shangri-la... even Manny Pacquiao have resort there.

Day 1: October 31

9:10 am -- Left NAIA 3, paid Php 200 each for terminal fee

10:00 am -- Arrived in Caticlan Airport, then walkathon to Jetty port

10:30 am -- Bum in Jetty port for two hours... but thanks to Betchai for Vegi Samurai!
12:00 pm -- Took a boat to Boracay, must pay Php 20 for the boat ticket (For non-resident of Aklan, you must pay Php 120 environmental and terminal fee))
12:15 pm -- Arrived in Cagban port in Boracay, then took a tricycle to D'mall for Php 100
12:30 pm -- Ate lunch in Andoks

2:00 pm -- Check-in to Taj, then rest
7:00 pm -- Dinner in Aria

So-so-Pizza from Aria

Good but small serving pasta from Aria
Jr and Betchai @ Aria

10:00 pm -- Rest

Day 2: November 1
9:00 am -- Island hopping but went to one island because of the bad weather (cost: Php 1,200)

Jr, Betchai, and me
Samurai Master JC!

2:00 pm -- Lunch in Hawaiian BBQ, then JC treat us to Crazy Crepes (Yummy!) 

Jc's Squid BBQ

Crazy Crepe's Mango Nutella with Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Mine: Pork Belly BBQ

4:00 pm -- Swimming time!
7:00 pm -- Rest (exhausted...)

Day 3: November 2

8:30 am -- Breakfast in Jammers
10:00 am -- Parasailing (cost: Php 1,000 each)

Beth and Jr... Para sailing
 2:00 pm -- Lunch in Hama

Yummy California Maki..Thanks Betchai!
4:00 pm -- Swimming time again!
6:00 pm -- Photo shoot...Kuno!

Beth ♥ the F!
10:00 pm -- Dinner in unnamed eat all you can
1:00 am -- Rest

Day 4: November 3

7:00 am -- Swimming time again...again!
10:00 am -- Lunch in Mang Inasal
11:00 am -- Jc left the island first, then we ate yummy calamansi muffin from Real Coffee
12:00 pm -- Rest
2:00 pm -- Check-out Taj
3:00 pm -- To Kalibo airport
5:00 pm -- Check-in, then ate our early dinner in a restaurant near the airport
6:40 pm -- Boarding time!
8:10 pm -- Arrived in NAIA 3

Balabag, Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan, Philippines
CP No. (0920) 919-6509 / Tel. No. (036) 288-4628
FAX (036) 288-5695